Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2024

Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2024 will be held from Saturday, April 27.

In the new tea season of Omaezaki tea "Tsuyu Hikari", which is also a Omaezaki brand product,
This is a hands-on event campaign in which you can visit your favorite shops from among the 10 participating stores and taste Tsuyu Hikari and sweets.

This year as well, if you pay 200 yen at each store and collect stamps from 3 places,
A service coupon that allows you to purchase Tsuyu Hikari products at 10% OFF will be presented on the spot,
In addition, from among those who answered the questionnaire attached to the stamp card, by lottery
"Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Treasure Tea Box" and "Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Tea Can" will be won.

This year, in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the lighting of the Gozensai Lighthouse on May 1,
5From the 1st to the 5th of the month, those who visited the Omaezaki Lighthouse will visit the Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe
For those who wish to participate, a one-time free coupon for Tsuyu Hikari Cafe of the Gozensai Lighthouse visit certificate
We will give you a gift on a first-come, first-served basis one day at a time.

The participating stores are as follows.
Mountain Cafe: Makinohara Seicha / Learning Cafe Chatto: Yamama Manju Taen / Cafe Yamaari: Yamaari Seicha
Gogame Cafe: Kappo Aikame / Maruyo Tea House: Same / Cafe Nagashima: Nagashima Tea Garden
Musubi no Sato: Same as / Mariange: Same as / Italian Gelato Mare: Same as (in Nabura Market)
We will also receive cooperation from the Maruo Memorial Museum.

We are waiting for you with a flyer with an image at each store. It will be held until Sunday, May 12th.

Please enjoy drinking Omaezaki tea tsuyu hikari.

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2024Notice of annual GW holidays

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued patronage.
2024We would like to inform you about our GW holiday this year as follows.

■Closure period■
2024May 3, 2008(gold)~May 6, 2024(moon)
* In case of emergency, contact by external phone will always be automatically forwarded to Katayama's mobile phone.

■Start of normal business■

For inquiries by e-mail or fax during the holiday period, please contact us on May 7, 2024.()We will respond more sequentially.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.