Thanks to the recruitment of participants for the first tea picking experience "Tea Garden Picnic" of Omaezaki Tea Tsuyu Hikari, we have received applications from Mr./Ms.. There are only a few people up to the capacity limit. Since last year, we have been accepting participants from outside the prefecture again.

Since last year, the venue has been a tea garden in Asahinabara and Manjuta Garden in Omaezaki City. You can visit the tea garden that Mr. Bunroku Maruo, who pioneered the Makinohara Grand Tea Garden, first started cultivating, and you can also enjoy the first picking of new tea in the same area, a pre-event at Tsuyu Hikari Cafe, and lunch. The main image of the flyer is a picture of last year's tea garden picnic.

Date: Saturday, April 13 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. / In case of rain, the following day, Sunday, April 14
Participation fee: 2000 yen for adults, 1000 yen for children (with boxed lunch)

To apply, please apply from the 2D barcode on the front of the flyer or below.
There are only a few people left until the scheduled capacity. We look forward to your participation!

Thanks to you, I was busy until the end of the fiscal year and couldn't update the blog, so I'm (a little) regretting it

In addition, today, March 30, a flyer for "Omaezaki Tsuyu Hikari Cafe 2024" was inserted into a newspaper in Omaezaki City.
Details will be announced again on our Faith site.