Omaezaki Brand Campaign

I was in charge of the flyer production of the Omaezaki brand campaign, the Omaezaki brand delicious and happy campaign.
It took time to decide on the design, but thanks to the efforts of the staff, it has been very popular since the start of distribution. The campaign period starts accepting applications from last Saturday 15th and ends on Sunday, March 20 (postmarked on the day).

This is a campaign in which you collect 3 symbol marks attached to the purchase of Omaezaki brand products, which became 14 items this fiscal year, paste them on the application postcard, and apply, and win Omaezaki brand products by lottery.
Please obtain a flyer with a dedicated application postcard at Omaezaki City Hall, related facilities in the city, Omaezaki brand handling stores, etc., and apply by affixing the brand mark affixed to Omaezaki brand products (or given at the store).

If the product package brand mark is affixed or if you use a menu using the Omaezaki brand such as a restaurant, it will be handed out at the store.

Please join us for this first campaign. Best regards.

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