Omaezaki City Industrial Festival Tomorrow Day 2 11/24

The first day of the Osaki City Industry Festival has ended safely.
2The second day starts at 9:30 on November 24 tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the Kamen Rider Zero One show will be two times from 11:00 p.m. and 2:45 p.m.
Local JA and chamber of commerce events, and the Szuoka City Yakimachi Yakin Osaki City Team Spectacular Party are also held.

On the first day today, electone player 826aska performed.
Many fans from outside the prefecture were seen, and it was a hot stage.
826Mr. Aska.,Thank you very much to the staff and fans.
It is said that tomorrow will be a performance in Toyama. Travel long distances, please be careful.

Kamen Rider Zero One, which appears tomorrow, also appears to be very popular this year.

I'm waiting for you tomorrow at the Osaki City Industry Festival.
Please note that parking is limited. If you are nearby, please come by ride.